The fight to stop health care repeal isn’t over yet.

Join the movement to protect our care.


Join the Fight to Protect Our Care

Join us as we hold a events from coast to coast to show Americans oppose Republicans’ repeal-and-sabotage agenda, which has cut health care coverage and driven up health care costs for millions.

At risk: Medicaid. Medicare. Coverage for pre-existing conditions. Prohibitions on discrimination against women and people over age 50.

With so much at stake, we all must join the fight to protect our care.

About the Tour

People across the country are rising up to demand that their elected officials stop the Republican war on health care, and instead work to protect and improve health care in the United States. Poll after poll shows health care is a top concern for Americans from coast to coast, and they want their leaders to improve our health care, not dismantle it.

But time and time again, Republican elected officials in Washington and in states around the country have worked to turn the clock back on our health care. They’ve voted numerous times to eliminate or undermine protections for people with pre-existing conditions. They’ve gutted protections and raised costs by cutting coverage and expanding junk plans. They’ve gone to court to strike down health care protections, like those for people with pre-existing conditions, and to dismantle Medicaid.

We can defeat this dangerous repeal-and-sabotage agenda now the same way we did one year ago: by rising up — united — to demand that our leaders protect our care. Join the movement by signing up to attend an event near you and updating your social media profiles and timelines with Protect Our Care graphics.

Tour Dates

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